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Introduction to the basic skills, ingredients, and procedure of professional kitchens.


The objectives are:


  • Understand kitchen terminology and basic kitchen etiquette to move and work competently in professional kitchen
  • Understand and perform basic basic knife cuts
  • Identify and understand the cooking methods of all grains, vegetables and legumes, and all stocks and mothers sauces;
  • Identify and safely use all basic kitchen equipment and wares






Study of basic culinary techniques continues with examination, identification, fabrication, and preparation of proteins (poultry, beef, lamb, seafood, wand eggs).


The objectives are:


  • Perform all the basic and classic knife cuts with confidence.
  • Identify and fabricate poultry, beef, veal, lamb, and pork.
  • Identify and prepare a number of different shellfish types.
  • Able to produce complete meals consisting of a variety of proteins, starches, vegetables, sauces with focus on taste and eye appeal.






This class precludes work in a restaurant and students will practice the skills necessary to work on a line. Emphasis is on speed, consistency, visual appeal and creativity. Cuisine from around the world will be experienced, as well as an introduction to the “Mystery Box” .


 The objectives are:

  • Produce variety of challenging international dishes. 
  • Able to prepare a variety of restaurant menu with increase speed and confidence.   
  • Students will be expected to create their own menu along with a cost and production schedule



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